Gnome dbus – gnome notification panel integration

weird, i just loaded gnote and the notification panel thingy just started working on its own. it didn’t before…

qdbus org.freedesktop.DBus /org/freedesktop/DBus org.freedesktop.DBus.StartServiceByName org.gnome.Gnote 0

qdbus org.gnome.Gnote /org/gnome/Gnote/RemoteControl org.freedesktop.DBus.Introspectable.Introspect

Transfer gnotes to another user

gnote transfers fully with the following two directories:

  • ~/.config/gnote
  • ~/local/share/gnote

if .conifg/gnote/manifest.xml is missing, gnote will, presumably, rebuild it. The gnote system will be out of sync if the data in .local/share/gnote is copied in but an old manifest file persists in the .config/gnote/manifest.

rebuilding the manifest file will take some time.

==> copy and keep in sync both directories for smooth transport

gnome shell browser integration


yum install gnome-shell-browser

This shows up on about:addons as “Gnome Shell Integration”

There may also be an extension, by the same name. It needs to be disabled/removed

Going to without this setup correctly will display a message about not being able to connect to a disconnected port OR there will be an invitation to “install an integration package”.

Selecting the integration package installs the rpm listed above AND also the “Gnome Shell Integration”  extension which then needs to be removed or disabled.